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Sex out calls Tunisia

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Sex out calls Tunisia

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A delegation from the sex workers met with the vice president of the Tunisian Constituent Assembly, Meherzia Labidi, on Tuesday to appeal for her help. They handed over a petition ed by women calling for the brothel to open for business once more, in a meeting filmed by Tunisian radio broadcaster Mosaique FM and shared with CNN Arabic. Labidi, of Tunisia's Islamist party Ennahda, which holds a majority of seats in the assembly, told the sex workers that deciding whether to reopen the brothel was up to the Ministry of Interior but that she would do what she could to help them.

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This move also included retroactive pay for private sector retirees covering and However, Hamrouni regularly has to dip into her income to buy more condoms. Several prominent local human rights lawyers decried the practice of torture in police stations and detention centers. At the time when he was regularly doing sex work, he set the price of his sessions at between and dinars.

Country report on human rights practices - tunisia

Arbitrary Arrest: NGOs criticized the use of the emergency law to put under house arrest any individual suspected of representing a threat to state security, often without offering these individuals access to the court orders that led to their initial arrest. Through talking with them, Hamrouni learns that most of them come to Tunis for professional reasons and, once business is done, " they go to a brothel. As of September the case remained open. One aclls after the entry into force of the Access to Information Act, the independent commission established to implement the law issued its first judgments.

Sector-based unions carried out some strikes and sit-ins, such as those in education and health services and in extractive industries. Foreign Travel: The law requires that authorities promptly inform those affected by travel restrictions or who have had their passports seized of the reasons for these decisions. Section 1. Still controlled by Vichy France, the Tunisian government legalised the status of sex workers as "fonctionnaires" civil servants in While praising new efforts to crack down on corruption, civil society observers claimed that in a handful of cases, in making arrests, authorities disregarded laws on due process and respect for human rights see section 4.

Brothels were found in many provinces of the country, especially in areas popular with tourists from the region.

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While HRW praised the new law for the rights it grants precharge detainees to legal counsel and medical assistance, in practice, HRW found that police largely failed to inform suspects of these oit. While online and print media frequently published articles critical of the government, journalists and activists at times practiced self-censorship to avoid violence targeting journalists, mainly from security forces or other anonymous attackers, according to the NGO Tunis Center for Press Freedom.


The law allows interception of communications, including recording of telephone conversations, with advance judicial approval for a period not to exceed four months. Civil Judicial Procedures and Remedies Citizens and organizations may seek civil remedies for human rights violations through domestic courts; however, military courts handle Tuisia for civil remedies for alleged oyt force abuses in civil disturbances during the revolution.

A minority of adult prisoners reportedly had access to educational and vocational training programs, due to limited capacity.

Female citizens can transmit citizenship on an equal basis with male citizens, and there is no discrimination between a mother and father regarding passport application and authorization to leave the country. Human rights organizations objected to the law for its vague definition of terrorism and the broad leeway it gives to judges to admit testimony by anonymous witnesses. Authorities rejected parties that did not receive accreditation due to incomplete applications or because their programs were inconsistent with laws prohibiting discrimination and parties based on religion.

In criminal cases, however, legal aid is only provided to nationals if the minimum possible sentence is at least three years and if the person on trial is not a recidivist, and to foreigners under conditions outlined by law.

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During an extended stay in Tunisia, they carried out research Sx the subject of prostitution and drew on their findings to develop the installation "Grande Maison". Unlike in Egypt, sexual harassment has not entered the arena of public discourse in Tunisia, and is often dismissed as a non-issue.

Tumisia contract laborers complained they were not afforded the same protections as permanent employees. They made this installation for Tunisian audiences, says Ruud Gielens. Another risk for an illegal sex worker is getting arrested by the police.

What Ruud Gielens did not expect: the solidarity in this small society, despite the repressive conditions. International organizations caalls an increased presence of street children and rural children working to support their families in Tunisia since the revolution; according to the baseline study, these children are vulnerable to sex trafficking. There were no major industrial accidents during the year.

cal,s Although there is no standard practice for reporting labor code violations, workers have the right to report violations to regional labor inspectors. Even in the case of a court mandated suspension or lifting of the travel restrictions, individuals have remained on the list.

For Araari, the real problem is the culture and stigma that stops victims from speaking out and targets them when they do choose to speak out. Section 5. Media reported that her neighbor, who had led the attack, was a police officer. The government issued cards to persons with disabilities for benefits such as unrestricted parking, free and priority medical services, free and preferential seating on public transportation, and consumer discounts.

Tunisia sex workers call for brothel to reopen in resort of sousse

In January, as part of a pilot project, the Sousse Probation Office began to promote alternatives to incarceration by imposing community service sentences in lieu of prison sentences for more than cases in which the original prison sentence would Swx been less than one year. Health services available to inmates were inadequate. In January authorities authorized a demonstration in Tunis demanding greater individual freedoms; however, they reportedly qualified this approval with a request that the organizers not raise rainbow flags.

Academic Freedom and Cultural Events There were no reports of government restrictions on academic freedom.

It seems that within Egypt itself, the discussion around sexual harassment has grown in recent years. Her brother, or husband or father may be around, and what you are doing may be concidered as an offence Tunisja the woman and her family!

Jouini further explained Tynisia this makes it harder to collect evidence — as it is not always easy to prove that the harassment was repetitive. The report found security officers and members of security unions were responsible for 11 of the 18 documented violations, which included physical assault, detention, and confiscation of equipment.

Working conditions and standards generally were better in export-oriented firms, which were mostly foreign owned, than in those firms producing exclusively for the domestic market. Jouini questioned why this was recalled in the body of the law — when this principle underlies all laws included in the Penal Code. The Ministries of Employment and Vocational Training, Social Affairs, Education, and Women, Family, and Childhood all have programs in place to discourage children and parents form entering the informal labor market at an early age.

While the survey found that violence against women was most common in the private sphere, it also revealed that violence against women in the public sphere is sexual in Discrimination, Societal Abuses, and Trafficking in Persons Women Rape and Domestic Violence: In parliament unanimously passed a comprehensive law addressing all forms of gender-based violence, which went into effect in February They can apply for a licence for their work, although they are subjected to strict monitoring by the morality police.

In the justification for its decisions, the Authority for Access Tuniaia Information stated that the new law requires government agencies to provide the public access to information pertaining to the issuance of government contracts if this information is not proactively provided. Despite his precautions and his contacts within the police, Aziz has not escaped arrest.