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The initial diagnosis is traumatic. Then, once treatment starts, its side effects typically include desire-killing fatigue, depression, hair loss and nausea. But breast cancer is particularly problematic because a woman's breasts are so intimately connected with sexual attractiveness and erotic play.

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In another survey of married breast-cancer survivors 20 months after diagnosis, UCLA researchers found that sexual activity and satisfaction hinge on a couple's ability to support each other through the experience. If you find talking about it embarrassing, you could use your hand to guide them. For some women, vaginal estrogens may be effective.

The of the study indicate that sociosexuality influences male perception of female breast attractiveness and confirm that accentuation of female-specific physical traits produces a stronger response in unrestricted than in restricted men.

Support whatever your spouse decides to do. Can you enjoy your marriage even as you contemplate what's missing?

Discomfort having sex in the nude. They quickly d their former lovemaking habits. Boost your self-esteem.

Avoid Vaseline or skin lotion as a lubricant. Many women reach orgasm most easily when the clitoris is stroked.

As reproductive gains from short-term mating would be largely eliminated if a female was not fertile, it is possible that ancestral men may have had an adaptive need to identify and pursue short-term partners who were healthy and fertile Symons, You may want your partner to touch the area that was treated, or you may not want any touching at all. Your partner may also feel differently about touching your breasts after aoman.

Has your cancer treatment changed the look of your outer genitals in any way?

Do more with individual friends, like walking, shopping "retail therapy"or travel. Mammary intercourse may be carried out face to face, or head to tail.

Cancer, sex, and the female body

During orgasm, the muscles around the genitals contract in rhythm. Other reasons could include showing their partner that they love them, to i close to or loved by their partner, getting back a sense of normality, to release tension, or to give or receive comfort. See the Brsst insert for your chemotherapy or ask your pharmacist for this information. There are a few factors that determine if sexual activity is safe during treatment. How you feel about having your breasts touched may change over time.

Lovemaking, too, can survive breast cancer

Individuals who scored low on SOI, and thus pursue a long-term mating strategy, were described as sociosexually restricted. Among women who lose a breast to mastectomy, reconstruction often hastens the return to satisfying lovemaking. If you lose your hair, you may choose kn wear a wig, hat, or scarf if it makes you feel more comfortable. Make a bigger deal of birthdays and anniversaries.

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Fucm, 78, described her sex life after breast cancer treatment: "I stopped the action for a while, and then we went back at my request. For some, talking with other women in a support group can help. Partners may be confused or unsure of the best way to show support and affection. Masturbation touching your body intimately Sensual and genital touching, with a partner and on your own, can help remove anxiety associated with sex and can be a helpful starting point for people resuming sexual activity.

For example, your health care provider can treat many physical symptoms affecting your sexuality or your sex life. It may not always be easy to talk about sex and you may find it easier to talk somewhere you both feel comfortable, perhaps away from the bedroom.

This sense of loss may be shared by your partner if they gained sexual pleasure from the look or feel of your breasts. Fhck outside the box about sexual activity - it does not have to involve intercourse or oral sex. Among the half who had mastectomies, one-third had reconstructions. But during and after cancer treatment, there may be times when the kind of sex you like best is not possible.


Still, it can take longer for the vagina to enlarge and get moist. Eating right and exercising can also help keep your body strong and your spirits up. They may be able to recommend different ways of helping you through this time. What concerns could arise? If your symptoms of depression continue you may need to seek specialist help. These can damage condoms and may raise the risk of yeast infection. Radiation therapy that includes the vaginal area can cause fibrosis scarring.

Do not have anal sex if you have sores in the rectal area, rectal bleeding, or tears in the rectal tissue.

Sexuality and intimacy

Tips for getting back to sex 1. They may retreat or wait for cues from you about when to an intimate or sexual relationship. Indeed, women in the happiest relationships often said the cancer had contributed to increased sexual satisfaction.

Discuss this option with your oncology team, as some women with a history of a hormonally based tumor are advised to avoid these products. Want to know more?

Some sex therapists suggest that stroking an area about 1 to 4 inches deep on the front wall of the vagina helps some women reach orgasm during sex. There are many sources of excitement that lead to orgasm.

The 1st step: good communication

But many women are clear they don't want that. It may also reach the woman's face. Your GP or breast care nurse should be able to help arrange this for you.