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A youth named Shirley Hartley 17 got both hands fast in a machine, and before he could be released his left hand had been taken off and his right arm up to his elbow.

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Fifteen people were arrested and questioned about the murder but nobody has been charged. The other coat was found in the possession of the boy, who was wearing it. It was recommended that Messrs. The public toilets where he indeepndent murdered were at the junction of Carlisle Road and Bavaria Place.

Saltaire War Diary: 29 September Sample advertisement. Councillor T Hill: What a pleasant outlook!

She dadfy taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary but pronounced dead on arrival. The Chairman: You have replaced these men with girl clerks. He did not believe all that he read about the atrocities in Belgium. The Chairman: How many men have you lost out of your department? Even regular callers had to give a coded knock.

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She was found strangled, partly clothed, with her wrists tied behind her back. Undoubtedly he is the head of the wool department, the dress goods and lining department, and spinning. He was committed to goal for one month for the theft of the coats, and at the expiration of the sentence was ordered to be handed over to the military authorities on the charge of being an absentee. A post mortem failed to establish a cause of death. Mr Roberts takes an unusual interest in the Shipley Veterans Association, of which he is president, and he is very popular amongst those with whom he comes in contact with.

He argued that the Bill was "sexist against men" because of its focus and ignored other victims which if recognised equally would have been "true equality".

Defendant and his wife while sitting in the house, heard the lad coughing, and his wife hurried upstairs to give the child a drink, never thinking about the blind not being drawn. Mr Briggs: Mr Harry Roberts is the head of that department. The ladies and gentleman must have worked very hard to give us such a glorious day. Mr Briggs: I was told that there is inconvenience all round. It has been independrnt [89] that Davies' lengthy speech had caused the blocking of passage of the upskirting bill, however due to it being listed as the eighth bill of the day to be debated, it Femael not likely to have been called for debate that day.

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It has taken too many years of laborious effort to build up a business like ours for that to be the case. He did not think that any member of the Council or very few people outside who knew anything about the Institute would deny the necessity for a thorough renovation. The of in-patients at the date of the report was 10; there had since been admitted 41; 28 had been discharged, leaving in at the moment Its telephone advice line helps people on a wide range of topics from access to specialist rehabilitation, to benefits information.

Mrs Titus Salt said a donation of eight guineas from the Shipley District Billiard League was very creditable to that body.

Wheelchair fundraiser bid for paralysed baildon cyclist

It would not have any basis in evidence and it would simply be a triumph for the nanny state and an absurd one at that". Where appropriate, there are links to soldiers' biographies and the snippets section.

Several men have gone out of this department, and if Mr Griffiths is not allowed to remain, the business will be dislocated. A youth named Shirley Hartley 17 got both hands fast in a machine, and before he could be released his left hand had been taken off and his right arm up to his elbow.

Wheelchair fundraiser bid for paralysed baildon cyclist

A post mortem revealed that the inhalation of smoke and fire gases killed him. Sultan Mahmood: The year-old taxi driver was found stabbed and burned almost beyond recognition on wasteland in Dryden Street, just off Wakefield Road, Bradford, in February This man is indispensable to us on the manufacturing side of the business. For the greater part of his life, he had been associated with the Saltaire Road Wesleyan Church, and he, along with Indrpendent J Speak were largely responsible for the resurrection of the little Mission at Baildon Green Femae 16 years ago.

All the committee and players have attested, and the majority of the second eleven players and members have done likewise. They were eaddy badly in certain places. Early Application is requested. Mr Briggs: I am afraid from the way in which you are handling these cases, the circumstances are going to be worse.

At the present time, when most people were doing everything possible, and were given their best in order to win this war, he had felt the allegations rather severely to the effect that he had threatened to close the Saltaire works if his son was not relieved from military service. Mr Roberts: A fortnight in September and probably another seven or eight days. It had been pointed out to the Libraries Committee more than satlaire that sataire stonework required attending to.

Of the reported cases one was from Saltaire.

Video unsolved: thirty bradford district murder cases in 40 years

Salatire Governors cannot emphasise too strongly the need for Technical Education to youths under eighteen years of age, and to woman and girls, who desire to render service to their Country in the present national stress, as well as to worthily fill their place in the work of the Nation after the war. The expenses were entirely deferred by subscription raised by the committee itself, and members are deserving of the highest praise.

Councillor Rhodes: There will be dislocation all round, Mr Briggs. Mr W Cryer explained that the donation was the result of collections made at the league matches. About 3, garments have already been sent to the authorities in York, whence they are distributed to saltqire hospitals. Police believe married Ferzana, whose husband was in Pakistan at the time, knew her killer.